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Up To £7,500 In Government Grants

Get £7,500 towards an air source heat pump with government grants. Check your elgibility for a greener, more affordable home.

Cut Heating Bills & Go Green With HeatPumps4Homes

Sustainable Heating Made Simple

Imagine a heating system that’s kind to your wallet and the planet. Heat pumps are that clever! They extract heat from the outside air, even on chilly UK days. This captured warmth keeps your home cosy and provides hot water throughout the year – all in an eco-friendly way.

Potential for Significant Energy Savings

Heat pumps boast impressive efficiency compared to traditional gas or oil boilers. This could translate to substantial cost reductions on your running costs, potentially saving you a significant amount on your energy bills.

Embrace Earth-Friendly Heating

Make a positive impact on the environment while staying warm. Heat pumps reduce your carbon footprint, allowing you to enjoy a cosy home with a clear conscience.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Big Savings for Going Green

The UK government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme is a fantastic incentive to help you switch to sustainable heating. This scheme offers upfront financial support towards the installation of air source and ground source heat pumps, alongside biomass boilers, in your home.

The good news? As of October 23rd, 2023, the government grant has increased to a generous £7,500! This significantly reduces the upfront cost of installing a heat pump, making it a more affordable option than ever.

The government funding is available from 2022 until 2028, with a total pot of nearly £2 billion across the UK. Take advantage of this program and make the switch to a greener, more cost-effective heating solution!

Is Your Home Ready For An Air Source Heat Pump?

Valid EPC Rating Needed

To get started, you’ll need a current Energy

Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property.

Proper Insulation Recommended

For optimal performance, adequate loft insulation and

cavity wall insulation are highly recommended where possible.

These can further improve your savings.

How Much Could You Save?

If you currently heat your three-bedroom semi-detached home with electric storage heaters, oil, gas, LPG boilers, or coal, an air source heat pump could significantly reduce your annual energy bills.

See Your Potential Savings:

The graphic shows the estimated savings you could achieve with a standard air source heat pump installation, including any necessary radiator upgrades (source: E.ON Energy Study).

Note: This is just an estimate, and your actual savings may vary.

Stress-Free Heat Pump Installation Process

Our team of skilled technicians guarantees a smooth and professional

installation of your heat pump, ensuring minimal disruption to your household. 

Here’s what our service involves:

1. Choosing the Perfect Fit:

We start by gathering details about your home and using them in our online sizing tool. This ensures we select the ideal heat pump for your specific needs and heating requirements.

2. Collaborative Planning

We believe in open communication. Our engineers will work closely with you to strategize the most efficient installation process, addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

3. Expert Installation

Our qualified engineers will transform your home into a more energy-efficient haven by installing your air source heat pump. They'll ensure a meticulous and professional job.

3. Peace of Mind

Upon completion, you'll receive a comprehensive handover pack containing your MCS certificate and all the details related to your new heat pump installation. We want you to feel confident and satisfied with your new heating system.

Years of experience, exceptional service – that’s the HeatPumps4Homes guarantee.

Why Choose HeatPumps4Homes?

Sustainable Heating In Essex

Looking for an eco-friendly way to heat your home? Look no further than HeatPumps4Homes! We’re Basildon’s trusted installer of heat pumps, serving a 25-mile radius.

Our team of MCS certified experts will meticulously install a low carbon heating system perfect for your home. We’re also a member of RECC and partner with Mitsubishi Electric, so you’re guaranteed quality and expertise. Contact us today and let’s work together to find the perfect sustainable heating solution for you!

HeatPumps4Homes Director David Morris on GB News to discuss
air source heat pumps in the UK.

Ready To Upgrade Your
Heating System?

Get a free, no-obligation quote today! We’ll visit your home to assess its suitability for a heat pump system and provide a comprehensive quote. This includes the heat pump itself, a hot water tank, and any necessary radiator upgrades.